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Body Image


Tools for Transforming Negative Body Image
  1. Body Talk - change the way you talk about the body (yours and others). Create a new & positive body language.
  2. Re-define Beauty - change the way you view beauty. Broaden your definition of what is beautiful. Be sure to include yourself in this definition.
  3. What does your body do for you? Arms: hugging; Legs: walking & dancing; hips: for moving & holding; face: communicates joy & love. Thank your body for these gifts.
  4. Touch - are you getting enough touch? Give & get more hugs. Explore how you like to be touched. Are there parts of your body you don't want touched? Can you let yourself be curious about why this is so?
  5. Movement - how does your body like to move? What feels best for your body type? Use your body!
  6. Body Needs - learn the rhythms and needs of your body (sleep, food, touch...).
  7. Mirror Work - spend time looking at your face & body in the mirror. Practice patient and non-judgmental viewing. Start with the parts of your body that are easiest to look at for you. Then slowly move towards focusing on the parts that bring up difficult feelings.
  8. Adorn Yourself - wear clothing that you are comfortable in and represent a true expression of your style.
  9. Wake-up Your Senses - participate in activities that help you become more embodied. Live a more sensual (senses-full) life. Suggestions: baths, meditation, yummy food, gardening, creative pursuits & other body pleasures.
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Beauty is Not a 4 Letter Word!

Our culture has turned the word beauty or beautiful into a narrowly defined idea or definition of what are desirable looks. All that doesn't fit into our concept of what is beautiful is then defined as ugly or unattractive. The real truth is that beauty shows up in a multitude of body shapes, sizes, facial features, skin and hair colors. We need to learn to widen our vision of beauty - how we define the exquisite & unique characteristics found in every person. It takes time to stop, notice and make conscious a new experience even of those we look at every day. We tend to move too quickly to allow for this awareness.

We are surrounded by people who defy the cultural definition of beauty, and, stand inside themselves with confidence and pride. They feel their own sense of attractiveness & value. These people offer us wider vistas of attractiveness to consider.

Find the courage to call out your widening vision of beauty and remember to include yourself in your vista!

Just some thoughts (Nomi).


How could you not love that Punim?
Punim means face in Yiddish. Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself (outloud if you can) 'how could you not love that Punim'. Notice how that feels. Try it out as a daily practice - at some point you just may start to love your own Punim!