Equinoxe in Azure (journal)


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The softcover version of the Equinoxe in Azure journal.  Richly designed tendril motif.  A reproduction of a 1688 binding from the Dusseldorf Museum Kunstpalast.  Embossed gold design over a base of azure/spectacular teal, such a gorgeous blue, it deserves its very own name. The edges of each page are printed with a tendril design.

This journal has a flexible softcover. Makes it lighter, easier to carry with you.  Inside the back flap of the journal is a memento pouch – a secret pocket to store notes for safe keeping to include in your journal, bits you find along your travels.  There is a red silk ribbon marker to keep your place. 176 lined pages. Sustainable forest paper.

Equinoxe ~ Azure
Dimensions: 7″L x 5″w

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