“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” ― Ramana Maharshi


A little practiced fact is that true gift giving begins with honoring yourself. This is not something we usually spend much time considering in the rush of the season.  In fact, where we are on the spectrum of self love and care often comes last, right about now. 

Yet, if we don’t pause and think about what is important to us, it can be harder to choose gifts for others.

Let’s take a moment to breathe and muse on this for a second (really, you CAN take a moment!). What does it mean when you give a gift to someone? Consider these questions: “If I want to give thoughtfully, then what are my deepest intentions for what I choose to give?” and “What do I want my friend to ultimately receive?”.   

When I began thinking about gift giving this season, I found myself instead writing about the importance of giving to yourself. It all starts there.

One by one, each of us can make big changes in this world by first going inward.  Taking care of your spirit, by divining what is important to you, and by doing what is needed to make that possible.  The ripple effect of each of us taking care of our inner landscape is profound.  It leads to finding your personal joy, growing your self-esteem and stepping into your self-worth.


Falling in love with you’ will inspire big change all around you.  

So, how does this show up in the real world?  You know, the one whizzing by us right now. 


I think of how much nicer I am to those I meet in my daily rounds of life when I take better care of myself.  When I stop to listen to what I need.  To what makes me happy.  To what gets me excited.  When I step into more courage and push a little bit each day through the stuff of life that feels hard, scary and confusing, Im amazed by the shifts.

You dont need to make big leaps.  Change happens in the smallest and tiniest of increments.  I have witnessed that in my own growth process and in my clients.

Sometimes it feels like I changed in a flash. But, when I stop and consider the umpteen steps I took to arrive at a big aha, to a place of much satisfaction, its quite magnificent to look back and celebrate the journey.  The many choices required to arrive at this place.

And, there’s an art, a knack, even a process to this. What’s yours? For me, it takes tools. Through my journey, VoluptuArt became more than just objects and art, but that very tool I needed to reflect, to be present. The art becomes a talisman, a touchstone and offers the potential to make a difference in someone’s life, but always beginning with what it means to me – to you. 


It begins with intention. 


First, think about what the piece says or speaks to.  Consider what it is encouraging you to find and see in yourself or hope for the person you want to gift it to.  Think about what will these pieces evoke.  What will they inspire?  How will they bring more grounding to home, work, personal and creative spaces? 


 Imagine this…and, try it with me:


What are you saying by gifting a piece of art with an image of Frida Kahlo?  What does Frida mean to you?  I think of her courage, her brilliance, her creative spirit and her ability to rise up.  I am moved when I see her face. I feel her depth and am reminded to feel my own depth of vision, possibility and purpose and most importantly to connect to my own sources of courage.

Consider what you want to wish for your friend when you give her a gift from VoluptuArt. What is your intention? What do you want to write in a card?  I choose cards with the hope that our customers will feel drawn to take a moment to handwrite a wish for a dear one. And, many of our cards take care of the greeting, offering wishes of love, friendship, encouragement and inspiration.  Just signing, love…. can be perfect and enough.


Next, reflect on how gifts affect you. How do you feel when a friend offers you a gift that is thoughtful, supports who you are and makes you feel seen and known?  Maybe it is a gift you would never think of giving to yourself, yet, would not hesitate to give to a loved one.


Why is that?


Pause and wonder for a moment:  Is it hard to consider what you want? To give yourself pretty things?  Pieces of art that decorate your space and define who you are?


Our offerings can inspire you to take care of yourself, your needs and your desires.   Guiding you towards more self-exploration and embracing whatever is inside that wants to wake-up in you.


Be a gift to yourself – to the world. 



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