The artists we choose to feature on VoluptuArt create images that invite you to step into your body, your mind & your spirit.  Offering you mirrors of inner peace, joy and strength.  They are artists who are able to convey and imbue into their artwork a positive essence – showing us what is possible. Finding artists who are able to access these positive characteristics and translate them into color and form has become easier as more women artists are stepping into their right to express big on their canvasses.

The search to find artists that resonate best with the VoluptuArt themes has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful individuals who show great courage in their commitment to creating art.  Our artists are from many corners of the globe.  I am deeply grateful to all of them for showing up and making it possible for us to share our vision of finding peace and delight in the whole of who we each are.

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Featured Artists…

Marylou Falstreau

Marylou is on a mission for sure!  I love how accessible her imagery and messages of healing and connection are.  Images that are playful, colorful, deep, and joined with words that invite you to care fiercely for what is important to you – to allow yourself to heal and grow. Marylou gets the human condition.  Marylou lives with her husband in Northern California.  Together they produce her line of prints, greeting cards, card decks and coloring books. View Marylou’s work. 

Michal Shimoni

I first met Michal about 25 years ago when we were both living in Marin County, California. I only learned that she is an incredible artist about 5 yrs. ago as her paintings began popping up here and there.  I was mesmerized, in awe and drawn into her imagery of women, calming feng shui vignettes & even regal paintings of Zebras.  Michal is deep, kind, generous and magnificently talented.  She now lives in Israel, her country of birth, where we visited her in her home and studio.  Giclee prints & canvases carefully packed to bring home in our suitcases! View Michal’s work.

Ada Breedveld

Ada’s artwork has been circulating in my body positive and fat acceptance community for many years.  Always bringing a smile to my face and a curiosity about the artist who paints full-bodied women and men who clearly express a sense of calm and rightness within themselves.  For years I searched for sources to purchase Ada’s artwork as prints and finally was able to connect her directly.  We had a lovely exchange and she invited us to visit her studio in Amsterdam.  What a treat to be surrounded by Ada’s multitude of paintings filled with smiling, happy fat people!  We returned home with limited edition prints and beautifully printed large art cards. View Ada’s work. 


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