We invite you into a space of abundance, beauty and inspiration.

A place where you will receive messages of healing and hope, and the possibility of experiencing yourself in a new way.

Our art & gifts are thoughtfully chosen with colors that delight, move and inspire.

Images and words encouraging an opening to the sweetness, strength, love and answers already living inside of you.

Positive mirrors about your beauty and wisdom, inviting you to embrace your capacity for self-respect and body love.

There is incredible power in surrounding yourself with body positive imagery and inspirational words. They guide you to consider what is possible in how you respond to and inhabit your body. To stop, slow down, take a nourishing deep breath and develop body awareness in service of entering into a sacred relationship with all of who you are – to remember what is important in your life and to be grateful for your amazing body!

We invite you to surround yourself with body positive artwork and over time it will help soften your gaze when you look at yourself in the mirror. It will encourage you to let go and relax into your body. It will offer you permission to show up with the courage to express yourself more fully.

In addition to body positive art you will also find goddess arthealing & recovery art, spiritual & sacred artart for your altar, and self-esteem art. Products to use in your daily rituals, in the form of journals, greeting cards, card decks, wall art, functional art, sculptures, jewelry and much more.



You may be healing from an eating disorder, be in recovery from substance abuse, needing to find ways to come home to your ‘self’. There are numerous items chosen with the intention of supporting you in your process. Our art and gift items serve as decorative pieces for your space and also work as healing tools in whatever way you need them to.

VoluptuArt customers tend to be on a path of personal growth towards developing a deeper sense of self-awareness. They are seekers who also want to support those they love to feel good about themselves and to give gifts that offer messages of love and support. They are celebrating life cycles, big and small personal victories, opening to their creative selves, ancient wisdoms and finding peace in their bodies.

The art & gift items we offer are primarily created by women artists.  Artists who delight in expressing their hopes and self knowing about beauty, strength and courage through their images.  They are artists who want to encourage us to consider what is wonderful about each and every one of us.

A number of our artists in addition to creating meaningful and moving artwork, also offer art classes focused on having fun with the creative process as well as using art for personal growth. Check out Intentional Creativity Artists. Along with supporting independent women artists, we make it a priority to purchase from Fair Trade artisans.


A bit about me, Nomi Dekel, the creator and owner of VoluptuArt. 

Nomi 3 v3I grew up surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs and began to realize this taught me to use art and the creative process as a way of making sense of what was going on in and around me.  Art and the creative process became one of my languages – tools for navigating life. This naturally led to using art to heal my experience of negative body image.  I surrounded myself with artwork of positive images of the female body and found this process to be powerful.  I was shifting my negative view of what I saw in the mirror as I took in positive modeling of larger bodies as beautiful and sensual.  It was a new, supportive and self-respecting view of me, even beyond my body size and shape.  In my 30 years as a licensed psychotherapist practicing in San Francisco, California, I integrated the use of body positive art and poetry as tools for healing into my Celebrate Your Body Offerings.

When I first started searching for body positive art, I mostly found the classics, images of women not quite of our era and more current/modern art tended to offer images that portray women as unhappy and cold.  It became clear to me there was need for a space that offered a more diverse collection of body image art and to make this type of artwork accessible to a wide audience. I realized I could combine my creative expression as an entrepreneur with my love of art into launching VoluptuArt. You can also visit me at  NomiDekel.com to learn more about my therapy, financial health counseling and body image work.

In gratitude,



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