We are so excited to be offering the life enhancing, healing and deeply revered art known as Intentional Creativity (IC), founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  The IC movement is growing globally by women artists teaching this beautiful painting method.  IC art is a gift both for the practitioner and for those who receive it.

Shiloh and her body positive artwork were an inspiration towards the creation of VoluptuArt.  I have been inspired and supported by this sisterhood through my own creative journey of curating meaningful ways to experience yourself and through giving to others here at VoluptuArt.   It is my honor and pleasure to gather together the artwork of women practicing Intentional Creativity with a mission of bringing a new way of looking at the feminine and the feminine image.

Created with Intention. Shifting Stories on Canvas. Revisioning the Feminine Image. Awakening Through Art.

Intentional Creativity. Join the Movement.


Original Artwork by a Tribe of Women Artists

Work featured by artists Elizabeth Gibbons, Havi Mandell and Jenafer Joy.


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